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Feras Nour

Feras Nour is a Saudi multidisciplinary filmmaker, artist, and licensed architect who feels no limitation to medium or scale. Currently works as a Production Designer/ Art director for film & TV in London, UK. his multidisciplinary practice is rooted in exploring the existent and non-existent boundaries of narrative, visual storytelling, Arab Identity, culture and space. His work ranges across various fields in film, tv, immersive & spatial design, fabrication, and art. 


his work includes production design for narrative films ( endocrine, Nura, 2021),  installation projects (Swept under,2019), Photography ( The Architecture Light Series, 2019)neon glass making (Halal/Haram, 2017)(The Kiss,2018),  or Augmented Reality (Human Intervention 2020). He holds a Bs Architecture At KFUPM in Dhahran,Saudi Arabia, Ms Digital and material technologies from the University of Michigan in Ann arbor, USA and Filmmaking degree at the National Film and Television School. He has been awarded Filmmaking Scholarhsip by NEOM(2021), Rackam Graduate Research grant(2020), A Misk Fellowship(2019) and selected as a young Saudi artist by Athr Gallery (2019) and an Emerging middle eastern artist by reconnecting arts (2017). His works have been exhibited in UK, USA, Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Computational Art by Feras Nour

"Telling stories & creating experiences through film, art and spatial design"

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